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You are at the right place! Our dentistry does dental and oral surgery weekly. Broken teeth? Periodontal disease? Denture? Implantology? Give us a call, and book an appointment!
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What we are offering..
Surgery equipment
The office has modern precise electronic devices and instruments according to today's rushing or running world, which could fully satisfy our patient's comfort and it can help us in the accomplished work activity also. Learn more about us..
Dental hygiene
Nowadays, the perfect oral health not only means the health of our teeth, reorganization or it's restoration when they damaged, but also the saving of the tissues around the teeth in our mouth. The prevention is important! Ask for advice!
Oral surgery
Our oral surgeon is able to do each intervention from a simple tooth extraction, to a wisdom tooth removal or to the implantology. Modern devices with a high level of preparedness are waiting for you, if you choose our surgery! Our introduction..
Professional Competence
We are up to date, and ready to supply with the highest qualification according to the newest professional expectations. Our team offer fast and guaranteed therapy with the occasions of treatments and control tests. Read more about us..
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Importance of visiting your dentist..

We must and it's our duty to take care of our body health. Methodical dental revisions can preserve the integrity of our teeth and prevent diseases. Our dental surgery gives a great emphasis to prevention, and we give dental hygiene advices for the patients, to keep the right oral health.

"For health, we must always have time!"

We are for our patients..
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Dr. Istvan Suta

Dentist & Oral surgeon

Practicing as a main doctor of the ear-nose-throat department in the Borsod-Abauj-Zemplén county's central hospital, with more than 30 years dental and 20 years oral surgical experience, and working in the involved dentistry.
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Zsuzsanna Dobos Molnarne

Dental higyenist

Working as a dental assistant since the late 80's. My main task besides trust is that the patients can participate without fear and they can leave pleased with as much as information what they should know.

Our dentistry has been working for 30 years, near the city centre of Miskolc with an oral surgeon&dentist and with a dental hygienist. The surgery equipment is fully fit to the European expectations and all of the dental conditions are ensured. For example dental X-ray, ultrasonic depurator, soft laser device, ozone therapeutic device, radio frequency device and our oral surgery location take place in the other part of the office.

Read more about us..
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Our clinic is waiting for you..

Patients and their claims are in the middle of our attention. We try to do our best with the occasions of the treatments to get back the healthful status as soon as possible. We are waiting for the current and the other patients before choosing on weekdays (tuesdays and thursdays).

"A pich of prevention worth more than tons of healing"

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Our Dental services


Did you notice an alteration in your mouth, palate, mucous, gum or on your face? Don't put it off! Book an appointment and we'll try to do our best with the diagnostics, and in your treatment. Tuesdays and thursdays we are here for you!


The most modern solution of the dentures is the implantology. Implants are made of titan. The easiest way to imagine it, such as an artificial tooth root that the dentist gets into (implants to) the jaw, and after the ossification (about 6 months) it gets the bridge, crown, or the false teeth.

Kid's dentistry

The methodical revision of the children's teeth is already determinate from the age of 2-3 from the perspective of dentist-patient contact. The occasion of the enquiries (at least 2 times a year) the kid will not have a negative experience and acclimates to it.

Tooth whitening

With whitenings the discolorations and color differences can be abolished. Our surgery is ready for your tooth whitenings, but also you can try to use the home tooth-whitening system first. The material that we use for the treatments is a high viscosity transparent gel, which ph value is neutral.

Oral surgery

The acute and urgent interventions of the face, jaw we can supply as soon as possible if you visit our surgery. Rotten roots or wisdom tooth, you can count on us!

Pregnant dentistry

The dental screening and the right dental hygiene of the pregnant women has a high priority. During the pregnancy the hormone household of the women changes a lot, and these alterations touches the mouth and the teeth also, because the saliva's antibacterial and neutral effect decreases, the producing saliva grows.

Root canal

The first and easiest way to handle the broken tooth and the diseases because of the decays is the root canal treatment, when we open the tooth canal system and it gets a plastic ending. This way the tooth can be built, and we can use it for the dentures.


When we create dentures we strive to make it similar or more beautiful than the original to replace the missing or destruct tooth. Ceramic shell, for the discolored tooth, with many types of fillings. Crowns and bridges - singular crown and bridge, removable replacement.

Wisdom tooth

When the wisdom tooth could not grow out from the jaw because of lack of the space, it ignites, or if it touches other teeth with damage, our specialists offer the removal of the tooth, that important for prevention and which could be the solution to the problem.

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